there are many paradoxes in life.

But one of the most important that helped me navigate and accelerate my progress in this space is that it’s the questions we ask, not the answers, that pave the way for progress. To quote my favourite “Quoran” Dushka Zapata,  this perspective is reflected through the Zen Buddhist notion of "shoshin", "beginner's mind". Shoshin suggests that rather than approaching life as "I know" or "I am an expert", I approach life as a true beginner: in awe, with wonder, receptive, empty of preconceptions. It’s not about getting somewhere. It's about experiencing compassion and being truly open, the optimal state for learning. Shoshin is why I still consider myself an amateur in a lot of ways and constantly seek out more learned sources for knowledge. 

Eventually it was such a notion that has allowed me to use my skills of Chinese and writing to connect with teams like NEO, Huobi, Red Pulse and briefly collaborate with cryptocurrency hedge funds, along with recently being flown to attend international blockchain events and advise teams throughout the APAC Region.

Compared to more seasoned investors and technologists, my background and experience within the blockchain industry is fairly embryonic. However, the reason why I’ve started this consulting service is out of empathy and support for the people, who like me, are self-educating and are looking to accelerate their learning. 

Included in the current cryptocurrency industry, the spectrum of existing technologies can be divided into three main categories. The first is primarily synonymous with digital currency’s first use-case and solves for exchanges of money and stores of value; the second relates to decentralised applications (dApps) built on the blockchain; and the third involves protocol level technologies such as NEO and Ethereum on which these applications are built. From my experience and understanding, all of the above layers welcome collaboration, innovation, and peer-to-peer support in ways we haven’t seen before.  

However,  the regulatory intervention that has just begun will need to be much more sophisticated and technically informed, and in the meantime there’s a long line of people who’ve read about the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin (or Jesus Coin) and are waiting for a chance to buy into one of the myriad ICOs coming down the pipeline. And volatility adds to the burdens of young companies issuing tokens, which will need functions similar to a central bank and corporate-style investor relations in addition to just trying to run their core businesses. If these companies fail, investors will get some benefit in a fire sale or liquidation, but token holders will end up with something akin to the Zimbabwean dollar.

The good news is that avoiding traps and pitfalls is very achievable. Should you be interested in trialling or directly engaging my consulting services at a set fee of $200 USD every month, this is what you’ll receive:

  • Professional technical marketing writer with more than 6 years of professional writing experience, 2 years in high-tech, education in mathematics, business, and finance. 
  • Weekly newsletters summarising global developments and insights from key opinion leaders. 
  • 24/7 access to me by email, telegram, or voice.
  • Access to private telegram channel. 
  • Curated educational material and references all tailored to meet your personal goals, and current level of understanding. 
  • Weekly insights and articles outlining mental attributes and philosophies of globally revered investors. 
  • Fortnightly investment summaries on recommended tokens and projects. 

If you’re tired of working with outsourced people who require tremendous management overhead, or are exhausted by complex terms and trading platforms, it’s time to hire a real pro. 

As someone who has written, reviewed, and engaged with dozens of business plans, white papers, and has collaborated with teams like Red Pulse, Farmatrust, and BolttCoin you can count on my expertise to help you accelerate your goals. 

For any further questions or to sign up, please fill out the contact form below.

You will then receive a brief email from me with a few questions to better understand your goals, and values. I will also include a free PDF where I’ve answered questions like the differences between Centralised and Decentralised Exchanges, How to Find Strong ICOs, The Advantages of Coinbase vs Coinjar, and definitions to key terms within the industry. 

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