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“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.”― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart. 

It's no secret that when labels surrounding appearances, religion, and culture are stripped away, more often than not, a large majority of us as human beings just want to live with joy in our hearts in support of one another. 

Letters of Hope is a resource that welcomes people around the world to anonymously write and share advice, experiences, or stories that can give readers a reminder of the things that inspire love, encouragement and ultimately act as proof of the good that lives in every one of us.

Each letter received will be translated into English and paired with artistry from children of different nations to be released as a yearly publication with proceeds helping to support their education and future opportunity. 

Alongside this we have created a weekly newsletter released every Sunday evening that will share one letter from our many submissions to help you have the best possible start to your week ahead. 

To send a letter please don't hesitate to either write using either the submission box here or send a scanned handwritten written to masonmarcobello@me.com

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you dearly for all your generous time and effort.