Our Mission


Our mission is to be one of the most effective, fun, and creative resources to help solve and share solutions to problems around the world. 

Problems are something we all share. 

But our ability to solve problems, and rise above the pain they often cause is what helps us to realise an infallible truth. That we as human beings can mould situations we encounter to the way we want them, as opposed to being moulded by the situations in which we exist. 

In short, most opportunity in life can be reduced to a simple method: solve a problem. The more problems we solve, the more our value increases. 

Where do we find problems to solve? 

It’s no secret that our modern lives are pretty cushy — most people don’t live in constant fear of being devoured by predators, starving, or really anything else life-threatening. Also within more developed nations, most of our needs have been taken care of, and with the advent of the Internet and mobile technology, almost anything we want or need is a few taps away. 

Yet despite all this, a large amount of people are still suffering from depression, experiencing an emptiness, and lacking fulfilment to their life. One facet to help resolve this can be found through stepping out of ourselves and into a place of contribution. Charles Dickens once said that no one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. And in that sense, the opportunities to help are everywhere.

The world faces a number of global societal challenges related to climate, energy, environment and demographics, but also to social security, health and education. The thing that these challenges have in common is that they are all clearly international, and are high ranking on political agendas worldwide. The problem is, some of these problems are so immense and complex, that even the world’s best and brightest have yet to come up with solutions for them. That’s not to say that there aren’t thousands of people working hard to find answers.  But they aren’t quite there yet. 

Yet a vast amount of knowledge that would be accessible for many is currently only available to a few - either limited to the people around us or only accessible to select groups.  As a consequence most people don't have the knowledge they should, and don't have the time, connections, or skills to get to the knowledge they would have in an ideal world. 

Aliferous aims to allow anyone to easily share their knowledge and contribute solutions to problems to dramatically increase innovation, make a difference to peoples lives, find fulfilment through contribution, and further their potential. In the process we aspire to reframe the narrative surrounding problems, and increase the solutions available to people who need them most. As we grow, we will be able to provide larger and larger challenges to problem solvers, create more rewards, opportunities, and have greater and greater impact on the world. 

We hope to become an a place where hundreds of millions of people go to share their knowledge, find solutions, and push the world forward through open sourced innovation.

All of this will be guided by our mission.